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Mark Berg of Fishing Addiction fame has done the National Recreational Fishing Survey. CLICK his image below to hear his thoughts…

Steve “Starlo” Starling took part in the Survey very early on… CLICK his image below to discover why he thought it was so important…

Listen to an episode of the Australian Lure Fishing podcast here… as your host, Doc Lures, talks all things fishing with one of our fishing-mad scientists, Dr Andy Moore.

Australian Lure Fishing Podcast : Doc Lures interviews Dr Andy Moore

for Andy’s episode notes...

The following interview was heard on ABC Radio’s The Big Fish program, hosted by Scott Levi on 17 April, 2020.
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Jo Starling Speaks About Why She Believes Every Angler Should Participate In The National Recreational Fishing Survey

The study is funded by the Australian government and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.